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Women's Disposable Ear Lobe Support (Pack of 6)

Women's Disposable Ear Lobe Support (Pack of 6)

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Ear Brace is a one-of-a kind invention that has saved many women's ears over the years. It is a boon to have something that will hold the heavy earring that you so want to wear but, afraid that it would tear your earlobes out. These transparent patches. Ear Brace transparent patches are silicon based ,these high strength patches have self sticking medical adhesive on one side. To use them stick one patch behind your earlobe ; put the earring from front of the earlobe. The earring will pierce through the patch. The patch will pick up 60 to 70 % weight of the earring. Enabling you to wear heavy earrings for a longer period of time without any pain ; harm to your earlobes. Secondly, if your earlobe is cut, then also it will keep the earrings upright ; not let it fall down.

Color: Multicoloured
Style: Studs
Material: Metal
Stone Type: Beads
Country of Origin: India

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